Why Asphalt Pothole Repair Should Be Done By Professionals

Asphalt repair should be handled by an expert pavement contractor because:

  • Professional paving crews can identify the cause of potholes.
  • Professional paving contractors use longer lasting pothole repair methods.
  • Professional pavement crews have access to specialized pothole repair equipment.
  • Professional paving crews have considerable manpower resources.
  • Professional asphalt contractors know how to do the job safely and efficiently.

The primary advantage of working with the experts for pothole repairs is quality. An experienced asphalt contractor can provide a long-term fix that will resolve the underlying problem causing pavement distress.

If your asphalt paving has issues with potholes, it is time to bring in the experts. 

Expert Asphalt Contractors Can Diagnose the Cause of the Potholes

Potholes are often caused by underlying issues with the pavement’s construction or base. These issues cannot be corrected with a simple patch job, and if subpar repair methods are used, cracks or new potholes will likely appear within months.

Asphalt contractors will perform a full inspection of the damaged pavement to ensure the repair is done correctly. They will note the asphalt’s age and condition, where problem areas are emerging, the presence of nearby vegetation and drainage, any traffic flow and any other information that may help render a diagnosis. The goal is to determine whether the pavement is failing due to age, overloading, weather, poor maintenance, poor installation, or an unstable base.

Once the exact issue is identified, it will be clear what repairs are needed for long-term results.

Asphalt Pavement Professionals Provide High Quality Repairs

There are a few ways to perform pothole repairs. Inexperienced crews don’t have the tools or training for anything more than a simple patch job, which involves shoveling loose asphalt into the pothole and quickly compacting it with a simple roller.

While that is better than nothing, simple patch jobs only provide a temporary solution for the property. Chances are, any quick patch will be compromised within a year, either by water intrusion or vehicle traffic. Once the patch fails, the surrounding area will quickly deteriorate as well.

Reputable asphalt contractors rely on more sophisticated pavement repair methods. For example, if the potholes are only surface deep, your pavement team can mill (pulverize) the top couple inches and install a new surface course.

If the pothole problems extend down to the base, experienced pavement contractors can excavate the failed asphalt and stabilize the now-exposed base material. Lime and cement are popular base stabilization additives.

By removing the root cause of the potholes, asphalt contractors can guarantee a more effective and cost-efficient repair.

The Asphalt Pothole Repair Experts Have the Proper Equipment and Adequate Manpower

Some commercial properties have sprawling pavement, measuring thousands of square feet in area. These are large-scale projects that demand considerable equipment and adequate manpower. Asphalt pothole repair requires a variety of heavy machinery, including extractors, rollers, and millers.

Experienced contractors tend to be well-resourced contractors, able to mobilize enough equipment for any sized job. If a project is on the small side, it’s still worth seeking out a well-equipped paving company. The more material and manpower a paving contractor has to work with, the easier it will be for the crew to stay on time.

Asphalt Pavement Contractors Can Minimize Disruptions to the Property

An experienced pothole repair service accounts for necessary disruptions while planning the project, identifying the best way to reroute traffic and minimize the crew’s footprint. The experts will also be able to adjust to your company’s peak hours, ensuring pothole repairs cause as little disruption as possible for your operations.

Although asphalt pothole repairs do not take long to be driver-ready, an experienced contractor can save precious time by observing best curing practices.

Asphalt Pavement Contractors Can Repair Potholes Safely

Asphalt pothole repair is a hazardous job, as heat, machinery and vehicle traffic all pose risks to workers. Experienced professionals are aware of these risks and are insured against any injury or damage. Your company is protected from liability when working with a reputable professional paving company.

This dedication to safety also extends to pedestrians and drivers on the property. Experienced pavement contractors are accustomed to working around heavy traffic and can take steps to mitigate any risk. This includes responsible site upkeep, like maintaining a clean work area and securing site access that does not interfere with people walking and driving on the property.

Partner with a Professional Paving Company for Asphalt Pothole Repairs

Potholes are a major threat to your asphalt pavement, and the money spent on that pavement. Though they appear harmless at first, potholes act like an open wound in the asphalt, letting water, dust and other contaminants damage it from the inside. With time, potholes will widen and deepen, eventually destabilizing the base and causing widespread pavement failure. Asphalt potholes can also cause secondary forms of damage, such as cracking and aggregate loss.

If your parking lots or roads are pockmarked by potholes, a reputable asphalt contractor can provide prompt, long-lasting repairs that will preserve your pavement investment.