Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Houston, TX

It is important to have quality asphalt, with good design when installing new asphalt pavement. BUT, after that it is all about Maintenance. Asphalt maintenance is #1 when it comes to prolonging the life of your Asphalt Pavement, keeping it looking top notch, and keeping your cost down. If your asphalt paving isn’t properly maintained, over time it could become a very costly repair or may even need to be replaced.

What is Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance?

There are several aspects to asphalt maintenance. There are some you can even handle yourself, such as keeping your asphalt parking lots clean of debris and engine oil. Engine oil is disastrous to asphalt paving. If you like to DIY, you can use dish soap, cat litter, or even purchase solvents to remove oil from your asphalt surface. You may also want to schedule an annual pressure wash for your asphalt pavement.

If your asphalt is showing signs of cracks, sunken spots, or potholes, then it is time to call the professionals. You may need to consider having your asphalt parking lot resurfaced or even restored.

How American Paving helps with Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance?

One of our highly trained professionals will come and assess your asphalt pavement. We will consult you to the best possible solutions that fit within your budget.
Some of our suggestions may include:

  • Asphalt Patch Repair: Some of the pavement is working well, some not so much. We can replace small to large sections of the asphalt paving while maintaining the integrity of the rest.
  • Asphalt Pothole Repair: We fill in potholes through the process of patching. Catch the potholes early to minimize and stop them from leading to larger repairs.
  • Asphalt Overlay / Asphalt Resurfacing: We overlay existing pavement when it is shows cracking and potholes, but not enough loss to sanction a full replacement.
  • Remove & Replace Asphalt: Whether you are planning a new project or replacing old asphalt pavement, American Paving Asphalt Contractors will provide speedy service and stunning results in Houston Texas and surrounding areas. We work with businesses to construct all kinds of paved surfaces.
  • Sealcoat: Sealcoating increases the life of your pavement and reduces long term repair costs while improving the appearance of your property.
  • Crack Sealing: Crack sealing provides your asphalt pavement protection against aging and prolongs its life. Our sealing process is fast, affordable, and extends the life of your pavement by filling in voids and helping retain the asphalts oils.
  • Base Work: Having a stable base is critical to asphalt’s success. We install base rock primarily on lime treated subgrade or select fill. Compaction and grading is key.
  • Soil Stabilization: We mix lime, fly ash and cement into the subbase or base with a pulverizer to strengthen it.
  • Striping: Freshen up your parking lot by adding a new coat of paint to the existing concrete and asphalt paving.

American Paving handles a wide variety of Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, we would love to guide you through the process of determining which type of repair is best for you and your property. We offer a full range of asphalt services and solutions to meet your budget.

We work closely with Managers of Commercial Properties to get their Asphalt Repair completed within their ideal hours and budget, so they have as little downtime as possible. We understand even though asphalt pavement repairs are important, you still need to run your business.

We hire only highly trained professionals to work on our projects, so our customer’s expectations are always met or exceeded. We will walk you through each step of the process of your asphalt pavement repair. We strive for nothing but your absolute satisfaction. We are Veteran-Owned and Operated, and we take a strong sense pride in our work and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Do not delay! Give the experts at American Paving a call today!

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