What Does Quality Paving Do for a Property?

What Does Quality Paving Do for a Property?

The advantages of quality pavement construction are subtle, but they add up in a big way. Reputable asphalt and concrete Houston contractors utilize best practices during planning and installation. They have the resources and manpower to do the job right. In short – they’re motivated to produce the highest quality pavement possible.

For property owners, focusing on quality comes with several benefits.

1) The Safety Advantage – Quality paving improves motorist performance and pedestrian safety

Properly installed pavement – whether it’s asphalt or concrete – provides a high-traction, even driving surface for motorists, and a high-traction, even walking surface for pedestrians. Better surface performance means better safety for everyone using your pavement. That’s especially valuable for parking lots, streets, loading areas, commercial districts, and other high traffic areas.

Braking distance is a critical metric for determining road safety. It depends on many factors, including the driving surface and the presence of water. High quality pavement reduces braking distance because it offers an ideal driving surface and because it promotes more efficient water drainage.

The safety advantages don’t stop there, either. High quality pavement is more likely to be even and therefore less likely to trip up pedestrians. Well-built curb and gutter systems also provide a clear boundary between pedestrian and vehicle areas, so both stay in their own lane, literally.

2) The Value Advantage – Quality pavement lasts much longer

That new parking lot or access road is a major investment, and one that must provide years of reliable performance to be worth it. A high-quality pavement project does more. Expertly installed concrete will last for decades if it’s well-maintained.

When expertly installed, concrete and asphalt paving will last for decades. While maintenance will still be needed to extend it that far, high quality pavement deteriorates slowly, so minor issues like cracks can be addressed before they lead to potholes and more expensive damage. In this way, high quality pavement not only lasts longer, it also minimizes maintenance costs for the owner.

Now consider poorly built pavement. To the untrained eye, the flaws baked into low quality pavement may not be apparent for weeks or months following installation. By the time those flaws do emerge, though, it will be too late to bring the pavement crew back and have them corrected.

This situation is a double whammy for property owners. First, there’s wasted money on the failed project. Second, there’s the additional cost of bringing in other paving services to address the problems. In many instances, if pavement fails early, there are fundamental issues with the base or the pavement’s materials. This means full replacement – and no business wants to pay for pavement twice.

3) The Weather Advantage – Quality paving improves drainage and soil stability

High quality pavement is built and sealed for maximum weather protection, and speaking about weather protection, we mainly mean water and temperature. UV radiation and dust can also cause problems, but water and extreme temperatures are the major threats facing asphalt and concrete.

If water intrudes into the pavement, it will apply chemical and mechanical stresses to its subsurface layers. This is true of both asphalt and concrete, and the problem is even worse in areas where cold temperatures are common. As water freezes, it expands and pushes on the pavement from the inside, causing it to heave and separate. Water is plenty destructive to pavement, even in warmer climates. A harmless looking crack can quickly develop into potholes as subsurface layers are eroded.

High quality pavement is better protected from weather-related wear because it’s less likely to develop surface flaws. Further, when high quality pavement is installed by a high-quality paving company, it is weather sealed during the process. For asphalt, this means applying a layer of asphalt emulsion sealcoat. For concrete, this means applying either polyurethane, acrylic, silane or silicate-based sealers. In both cases, the sealant acts as a protective barrier against water, UV rays and dust. This extends the pavement’s life and preserves its appearance.

4) The Curb Appeal Advantage – Quality pavement improves a property’s appearance

Aesthetics are a secondary priority behind structure and function, but don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. Multiple retail studies show that up to 70 percent of all first-time sales are influenced by a property’s exterior. Customer surveys also show that close to 95 percent of people consider curb appeal when choosing a business to shop with.

Several factors go into a property’s curb appeal – and pavement quality is one of them. A fresh layer of asphalt makes a property look well-maintained and updated. Well-formed, poured, and cured concrete has a clean, uniform appearance.

To an extent, your pavement’s curb appeal will influence its ability to draw in customers and increase sales. If handled by a detail-oriented team, your pavement will help make that vital first impression that every company trades on.

High Quality Paving is a Property-Booster in Several Ways

Need a new parking lot? Need an overlay on that aging access road? Need to replace a deteriorating walkway slab? No matter the nature of your pavement project, investing in expert work pays off. High quality pavement lasts longer, looks better, performs better, and improves safety.

Reputable Houston pavement contractors are the go-to experts for high quality asphalt and concrete construction. And if you’re wondering how to find such a contractor, just review their work. In fact, a reputable Houston paving team will show you themselves, as they’ll have plenty of examples of their projects still in use.