Tony’s BBQ & Steaks in Houston Texas

Tony’s BBQ Had a Parking Lot in Serious Need of Asphalt Repair

Tony’s BBQ is a Houston-area favorite, especially among Houstonians living on the east side of the city. The barbeque brand already has several locations to its name, including one located on the eastern side of Baytown. Here, customers were having trouble safely navigating the parking lot, as it was failing in several spots – some of them catastrophic failures.

As such, American Paving was brought in to fix the failures as cost efficiently as possible.

How the American Paving Team Restored the Asphalt Parking Lot

In all, the Tony BBQ project addressed about 1,200 square feet of pavement failures. There were several spots to address, some of them with full-depth base stabilization and some with a GlasGrid installation. Here’s how the project was handled:

  • Sawcut out deep pavement failures. There were numerous pavement failures to account for, some of which needed full-depth removal and replacement. This was done by sawcutting around the failed areas, extracting the damaged pavement and hauling it off.
  • Stabilize the base under the failures. Once the base was exposed under the deep failures, it was stabilized using a mix of cement and asphalt millings. This was installed to a depth of 6 inches and compacted for maximum stability.
  • Lay GlasGrid over crack disrupted areas. GlasGrid is a high-strength, self-adhering reinforcement system designed for asphalt overlays. It can control reflective cracking and cracking due to thermal or loading stressors.
  • Tack all vertical edges and GlasGrid surface. Tackcoat was applied to the vertical surfaces inside the full-depth replacement areas and to the GlasGrid’s surface. This ensured excellent adhesion between the new asphalt and existing pavement.
  • Install new asphalt hotmix. A new type-D hotmix was then rolled over the Glassgrid and into the full-depth replacement patches. The new pavement was compacted to a depth of 2.5 inches.

Place 10 new car stops around grass median. To improve traffic control further and prevent vehicles from driving over an adjacent grass median, the pavement team pinned 10 car stops around the parking lot’s edge.

If properly installed and maintained, an asphalt parking lot will provide decades of reliable traffic control. Regular maintenance is critical, though. Without it, the asphalt will fail years before it should.

As the Tony’s BBQ project demonstrated, parking lot pavement failures can be adequately addressed even when operating with a smaller budget. It takes an efficient, experienced pavement team to do that, which is why American Paving was trusted to manage the project.

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