Asphalt Lot Replacement

Screamfest Needed to Replace an Asphalt Lot with New Pavement

Screamfest sits just off I-45 in south Houston, spanning several thousand square feet and featuring paintball, a midway, and a stage for live entertainment. It’s not your ordinary haunted house, and Screamfest was looking to replace a large outdoor lot and finish it with new asphalt.

American Paving was called in to handle the job.

How the American Paving Team Helped Screamfest with Its New Asphalt Lot

The new asphalt lot measured more than 10,000 square feet in size – a job for a large, experienced team. Here’s how American Paving got the project done:

  • Pulverized and graded existing material. Screamfest’s original lot was uneven and unsuitable for taking asphalt. To resolve this, American Paving pulverized the existing material down to size and graded it for uniformity. The result produced a stable, even base for new pavement. Excess material was hauled away.
  • Sawcut the edges. Sawcutters were then brought in to create clean edge cuts and create boundaries for the new lot.
  • Apply tack coating to the edges. With the new lot’s boundaries defined, SS1 tack coating was applied to the edges. In this role, tack coat acts like an adhesive that promotes bonding between existing material and the new pavement.
  • Place and compact the asphalt lot. With the work site ready, a new type D hotmix was applied to a depth of 2.25”. Once installed, the asphalt was compacted to a 2” depth using a roller.
  • Place and compact the lot’s approach. The last step was to connect the lot to the adjacent access road. To do this, the American Paving team installed a new asphalt approach, using the same type D hotmix. The approach was about 400 square feet in size and was then compacted to a depth of 4”.

The American Paving Team Are Asphalt Experts

With Screamfest’s new asphalt lot and access, it was ready to haunt in style! The Screamfest project was just another day out in the field for the American Paving team. Over the decades, we’ve provided asphalt pavement to businesses in and around the Houston area (and beyond), and now, we’ve added one of Houston’s premier Halloween destinations to that list.

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