Remove and Replacing Commercial Concrete

Timberway One at 15990 Barkers Landing Needed a New Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete can provide decades of sturdy, reliable performance. Eventually, though, it needs to be replaced. At 15990 Barkers Landing, Timberway One needed a new concrete parking lot, and contacted American Paving to get it done.

How the American Paving Team Installed the Barkers Landing Parking Lot

The Barkers Landing project involved more than 13,000 square feet of concrete work, all of it in the front of the building. The job was split up across three mobilizations, two during the week and a smaller mobilization over the weekend.

This is how American Paving managed the job:

  • Demolish the existing pavement. American Paving first had to remove the failed parking lot and did so using sawcutters. Cuts were made to a 6” depth and included haul-offs.
  • Place steel rebar. The rebar reinforcement was laid 18” on center and holds the concrete in compression, improving its durability.
  • Install redwood expansion joints. The joints were placed at 60’ on center and give the concrete space for thermal expansion.
  • Pump the concrete. The American Paving team brought in a concrete pump to access every part of the project site. The crew used an air-entrained mix that provides additional protection against cracking and scaling.
  • Install a concrete curb. The 680 linear foot curb was installed in place of the existing curb, which was removed.
  • Curing and finishing the concrete. The pavement team applied chemical curing agents to ensure optimal curing strength. The concrete was then broom finished for better texture and traction.
  • Sawcut concrete joints. The joints were made at 15’ on center and ensure the concrete can flex and settle without sustaining significant damage.

American Paving Knows Concrete Parking Lots

The American Paving team has vast experience in installing, replacing, and maintaining concrete parking lots. And we’ve done it under challenging circumstances, as the Houston heat stresses both worker and material. We can bring this proven expertise to your next parking lot project and ensure your new pavement will provide years of durable use.

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