New Asphalt Paving and Storm Sewer

Pathway Church Needed A Pair Of New Asphalt Lots, And American Paving Was Ready To Help

The Pathway Church in Spring is growing, and it needed to improve its parking lots to handle the additional traffic. In all, there were two lots that required attention – a main lot that measured in 56,493 square feet, and a side lot that was just over 4,000 square feet.

In both cases, American Paving was needed to stabilize the existing bases and overlay new asphalt on the old pavement. There were a few changes added to the initial project’s scope, too, which American Paving was able to account for.

How Did American Paving Help Pathway Church Restore its Two Parking Lots?

With 60,000 square feet of pavement to install and additional tasks to complete, there was plenty of work to do. Specifically, the project consisted of:

  • Shooting the elevations for the main lot and storm sewer. Pathway’s main lot had drainage issues and required a new storm sewer to alleviate them. Shooting the elevations allows the American Paving team to determine drainage grades and paths.
  • In the main lot, pulverizing the existing asphalt and base down to a depth of 6”.
  • Stabilizing that base with a 6 percent cement mix.
  • Blading, shaping, hydrating and compacting the base, once stabilized.
  • Tack-coating the vertical surfaces at all tie-ins.
  • Machine laying type-D hot mix down to a compacted depth of 2”.

For the West lot, the following was required:

  • Excavating soil to a depth of 8”. The soil was then hauled offsite.
  • Stabilizing the soil near the west side of the building, using a 6 percent lime solution down to a depth of 6”.
  • Excavating and transporting rock from an area reserved for a gym. The rock was used in the west parking lot addition, where it was integrated into the base, cement stabilized, hydrated and compacted.
  • Tack-coating the vertical surfaces at all tie-ins.
  • Machine laying type-D hot mix down to a compacted depth of 2”over the stabilized base.

In addition, there was a storm sewer inlet to install. This involved importing and placing cement-stabilized sand, installing 120 linear feet of HDPE pipe, and installing three drain inlets (two 30” and one 36”). The area was then backfilled with rock onsite.

There were a couple change orders, too. American Paving also installed six light pole bases for new lighting fixtures and backfilled all electrical trenches with stabilized sand.

Our Team Regularly Works With Nonprofits And Churches On Their Pavement Projects

As churches and nonprofits grow, so do their space and facility needs. Over the years, American Paving has helped many of these organizations develop their land, set building foundations, lay out parking lots, create walkways, and build a variety of asphalt and concrete structures. When it’s time for your church or nonprofit to expand, our team has the resources and expertise to make it happen!

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