New Base and Asphalt For Public Works Facility

A Water Treatment Plant in Pearland Needed a New Base and Overlay for Its Facilities

In Pearland, a water treatment facility was relying on failing pavement for their vehicle traffic. Some of these rough areas were immediately adjacent to buildings, where the unstable pavement posed a safety and structural risk.

To address these pavement issues, the American Paving team was called in to stabilize the existing base and lay down a new asphalt overlay.

How Did American Paving Repair the Water Treatment Plant’s Asphalt Pavement?

In terms of project scope, the Pearland treatment facility was a modest job for American Paving. The new pavement measured about 7,000 square feet, and the process included:

  • Stabilizing the existing base and failed asphalt. A 6-percent mix of Portland cement was used for stabilization down to 8 inches in depth.
  • Compact and grade the base according to surroundings. This provides the necessary density for the asphalt to achieve optimal compressive strength.
  • Apply a tack coat to the stabilized pavement. This was done with SS-1 tack, which is made from an emulsified asphalt base. The tack coat provides better adhesion between old and new pavement, ensuring a stronger bond that doesn’t slip.
  • Overlay the new asphalt. The new layer of asphalt was laid to a 2-inch depth and consisted of type-D HMAC (high-modulus asphalt concrete). HMAC provides superior rutting resistance and good fatigue strength. Once placed, the new asphalt was rolled out and compacted using a vibratory roller.

American Paving was also prepared to apply a prime coat to the asphalt, depending on city requirements. The prime coat is made of a thinner asphalt, and it promotes a better bond, much like a tack coat. Prime coats also fill up the capillaries inside the base course, which helps keep water from entering the pavement.

For an Experienced Pavement Team, the Pearland Project Posed Few Challenges

The Pearland project was well within the scope of American Paving’s capabilities. Our team is highly experienced in base stabilization and asphalt overlaying, and we have the resources to tackle any sized asphalt projects efficiently.

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