Commercial Asphalt and Pothole Repair

One of the most common signs of pavement distress is the presence of potholes. That was definitely the case at 6806 W. Montgomery, where multiple large potholes were threatening to compromise the entire parking lot.

In all, seven potholes needed to be addressed, covering about 150 square feet of the parking lot. American Paving decided full-depth repair was needed at each spot.

How APC Repaired and Restored the 6806 W. Montgomery Parking Lot

American Paving’s job was to repair several large potholes down to full depth. Like with most forms of pavement repair, fixing the W Montgomery lot was a multistep process and involved the following:

  • Sawcut the asphalt down to full depth. American Paving first needed to access the pavement’s base, so the saws were brought out. During sawcutting, diamond-tipped blades make precise cuts into the pavement, allowing for precise patch removal.
  • Extract failed pavement. Before new asphalt can be placed, the failed asphalt is first removed with machinery buckets, picks and shovels.
  • Stabilize the subbase. When pavement fails at the surface, the issues often extend to its base. That’s why American Paving stabilized the underlying rock, using a combination of cement and water to develop a stable base layer.
  • Tack coat the edges. American Paving tack coats surfaces that will be in contact with new asphalt pavement, and in this case, the edges of the hole were tack-coated. The tack coat is a thin layer of binder that acts like an adhesive between pavement layers, or at tie-ins as in this case, ensuring they “stick” together better.
  • Place hot mix into the cut-out holes. With the tack coat in place, American Paving filled up the potholes with new hot mix to the design depth, in this case 2”.
  • Compact the new asphalt. To ensure the asphalt meets density, the new hot mix was then compacted using a vibratory roller, in this case a Hamm HD14vv, 5-ton, double-drum roller.

The American Paving Team is Experienced in all Forms of Pavement Maintenance, Including Pothole Repair

Potholes are a sign that your pavement is in need of maintenance. Over time, those potholes will expand outward and downward until the underlying pavement layers are also affected.

This was true of the 6806 W. Montgomery lot, where several potholes were threatening its stability and, by extension, anyone driving or walking on it.

With American Paving’s help, though, the W. Montgomery parking lot was restored and its potholes patched up. The resulting surface is now much smoother, making it safer and ready for use.

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