Site Prep, Dirt Work, and Foundation Prep

In the Heart of Pasadena, American Paving Was Brought in For Some Heavy-Duty

At 1211 Southmore, there’s a Pasadena municipal services complex that was in need of some pavement-related assistance. Specifically, the city needed to demo some vegetation, existing concrete structures, and utility lines. It was a large-scale demo job that required large-scale mobilization to manage, but one our team is well-resourced for.

How the American Paving Team Prepared the Area For a New Foundation

The 1211 Southmore job was completed in multiple phases and spanned thousands of square feet. This is what the project consisted of:

  • Removing multiple trees – One of the municipal complex’s buildings was ringed by several trees that first needed to be removed. In all, American Paving removed six trees from the property, by first cutting down and chipping all limbs. They were then hauled offsite.
    Following that, American Paving removed and stockpiled the logs for haul-off. During the next phase of the project – concrete pier removal – American Paving root raked the area to remove the last bits of vegetation.
  • Removing existing concrete piers – A network of existing concrete piers also needed to be removed from the project site before foundation work could proceed. In total, there were 52 concrete piers that required demo, including bell piers.
    The piers were first extracted, then broken down and hauled off. The bottom 4’ of the bell piers – including the bells themselves – were also extracted, broken up and hauled away.
  • Prepare the site for foundation installation – With the concrete piers out of the way, the American Paving site prep team was ready to do some extraction. This involved extracting soils down to 8’ below grade. Once extraction was complete, the soil was reused to fill the extracted space to a depth of 6’. This soil was placed 8” at a time and compacted to sufficient density.
    The remaining 2’ consisted of imported, select fill that was also installed and compacted in 8” layers.

Our Crew Does More Than Install and Maintain Pavement - We Can Demo It As Well

While most of our jobs involve installing pavement structure, American Paving is also skilled at demo and site preparation. For the 1211 Southmore project, these skills were put to good use. With more than 50 concrete piers to extract and move, and an 8’ pit to dig out, American Paving completed the project with maximum efficiency.

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