Installation of New Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lots With Dirt Works and Cement Stabilization

Sunbelt Rentals in Texas City Needed Three New Lots

In Texas City, Sunbelt Rentals located on 1st Ave. needed to overhaul its pavement lots. Specifically, Sunbelt needed two new asphalt lots and a new concrete lot, spread out over 30,000 square feet of property. This included the use of a high-early strength concrete mix for heavy traffic areas.

How American Paving Helped Sunbelt Rentals With its Pavement Project

The project was broken into three smaller chunks. The concrete lot was the most labor-intensive and required about 11,400 square feet of pavement. The process included:


  • Extracting and hauling off rock. Extraction was done down to a depth of 8” and the resulting soil was hauled offsite.
  • Installing forms and redwood boards. The forms are used to shape the concrete pavement to specification, while the redwood boards are used to fill in joints. About 310 linear feet of board was installed.
  • Installing expansion materials. Fibrous expansion materials give concrete joins a bit more flexibility during thermal expansion, protecting the concrete from cracking and breakage.
  • Laying down 4000psi concrete to a depth of 8”. High-strength concrete was selected for the added durability it offers immediately following placement. This made it ideal for the heavy vehicle traffic expected at the location.
  • Installing four new steel bollards and a small concrete failure patch.


In addition to the concrete lot, two asphalt lots were also installed. One was 2,562 square feet in size and the other was 17,740 square feet in size. In both cases, the process consisted of:


  • Cement stabilizing the pavement’s base. In both cases, stabilization was done with a 6-percent cement mix and down to a depth of 6”.
  • Hauling off any excess material.
  • Tacking all vertical surfaces with SS1 tack coat to improve adhesion between new and existing pavement.
  • Laying new type-D hot mix. For the larger lot, the hot mix was laid to a depth of 2” and rolled out. For the smaller lot, 3” of asphalt was installed and rolled.

Asphalt and concrete are both popular pavement choices along the Gulf Coast. They can fill different roles and offer complementary advantages to property owners. However, they each require experience to handle well, so it can be a challenge locating a contractor who is skilled with both. American Paving’s experience means our team can capably handle projects that require both concrete and asphalt.  

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