New Concrete Foundation and Construction

Houston Nonprofit Attack Poverty Needed a Concrete Foundation and Paving for its New Building

Attack Poverty, a Houston nonprofit dedicated to ending generational poverty, has multiple locations in the area. One of the organization’s locations required a new building to expand its capabilities, and American Paving was called on to provide the concrete construction. This included two major concrete projects, consisting of a large concrete foundation and additional paving around the property.

The project’s scope was significant, as Attack Poverty required a foundation nearly 10,000 square feet in size. An additional 21,000 square feet of paving was needed to provide road access and parking for the new facility. More than 1,200 linear feet of curb was also needed. Here’s how American Paving executed the project:

  • Poured the 9,600-square-foot concrete foundation. A lot of work goes into pouring a large foundation like this one. The site was cleared, shaped, and graded to the client’s specifications. The soil was tested for its stability and chemical composition. Formwork was staked out and the concrete was poured to a 4” depth.
  • Installed grade beams. The American Paving team also placed nearly 500 linear feet of concrete grade beams. In all, 26 grade beams of varying sizes were installed to a 2’ depth. Every beam was rebar reinforced. Following extraction, both the slab and grade beams were poured with 1-½” aggregate and 4,000 psi concrete.
  • Installed embeds and anchor bolts. To facilitate future project tasks, the American Paving team installed all embeds and anchor bolts needed into the foundation.
  • Placed more than 20,000 square feet of concrete paving. In addition to the concrete foundation, Attack Poverty also required about 17,000 square feet of 6” thick concrete paving and 4,500 square feet of 4” thick paving. More than 1,200 linear feet of concrete curb was also provided.
  • Also installed several light standards. The American Paving team also formed and installed five 24” tall light standards for pole-mounted lighting.
  • Installed redwood expansion joints and saw cut control joints. Wood expansion joints were provided to absorb the pressure caused by thermal expansion during hot weather. Control joints were sawcut to control cracking over time.
  • Broom finish the paving. Once the paving was laid down, the American Paving crew gave it a broom finish to maximize traction during wet weather.
  • Install curing compound. As needed, the American Paving team added curing compound to the concrete to ensure proper water and heat content during curing.

When a Charitable Organization Needs a Concrete Foundation, the APC Team is Ready

The Attack Poverty project was an involved one, but a project that American Paving was well-equipped to handle. With decades of experience and an array of construction assets, American Paving can provide full concrete construction services to any organization that needs them.

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