Commercial Asphalt Repair and Replacement

Argo Realty Needed Asphalt Repair And A New Overlay

Argo Realty located on Telephone Rd contacted American Paving because they were having pavement problems. Specifically, Argo’s front, back and side asphalt parking lots were in need of maintenance.

The front lot’s distressed condition meant pavement removal and replacement was the only option. The back lot required an overlay, and the side lot needed a sealcoat and striping.

How APC Helped Argo Realty Improve Their Pavement

The American Paving team had the equipment and manpower to resolve Argo Realty’s pavement problems in a single day. For the front lot, which required total pavement replacement, American Paving performed the following services:

  • Removed and stockpiled all carstops.
  • Pulverized the existing asphalt (the top two inches) so that it could be removed from the underlying concrete. Pulverized asphalt was also hauled offsite.
  • Tack the surface with an SS1 emulsion. Tacking the surface prior to laying the asphalt mix helps “glue” pavement layers together, enhancing durability and performance. SS1 emulsions are slow-setting and therefore ideal for this purpose.
  • Lay down a new layer of asphalt. New asphalt was laid to a compacted depth of 2” and Type-D hotmix was used during the process. This dense-grade mix offers superior resistance to water intrusion.

For the back lot – larger than 4,000 square feet in area – American Paving did the following:

  • Removed and stockpiled all carstops.
  • De-mucked the potholes and hauled off the resulting material. De-mucking the potholes allows American Paving to lay down a more stable, longer lasting base for the pavement.
  • Leveled-up low areas with asphalt. Level-up patching is a common form of Texas asphalt maintenance and is used to establish a consistent grade across the pavement’s surface. It’s typically used to counter the effects of rutting or sagging.
  • Tacked the surface with an SS1 emulsion.
  • Laid down a 1.5” layer of Type-D hotmix asphalt.

The side lot required less maintenance than the front or back lots, but still needed some work. Here’s what the American Paving team did:

  • Prepared the surface for sealcoating by brooming it clean.
  • Sprayed Polymer Modified MasterSealer on the lot’s surface in a heavy coat. Modified MasterSealer is a mineral-reinforced sealer for better durability and adhesion. Sealcoating enhances the lot’s weather, water, and UV resistance.
  • Reinstall 15 carstops.
  • Stripe the lot to match the rest of the property’s pavement.

The Argo Realty project demonstrates American Paving’s wide-ranging capabilities as an asphalt pavement provider. And we can provide the same services for your property if it’s also having pavement problems. Contact the American Paving team today to get your pavement restoration started.

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