Parking Lot Repair For Gene’s Powersports

Gene’s Powersports Needed a Pavement Expert to Restore its Primary Parking Lot

Gene’s Powersports is located on the far east side of the Houston area, just beyond Baytown. It sits on a sprawling property that maintains a wide variety of recreational vehicles and equipment, and those vehicles require a reliable parking lot to sit on.

Unfortunately, Gene’s Powersports’ primary parking lot was in an advanced state of disrepair by the time the American Paving team was brought in.

The goal? Restore the parking lot’s stability, durability and appearance.  

How Did the American Paving Team Help Gene’s Powersports with Their Pavement Problems?

The Gene Powersports project involved its expansive, primary parking lot. In all, the project area totaled 16,364 square feet of asphalt failure, so it was a major undertaking.

Here is how the American Paving team managed the job:

  • Sawcut a perimeter around the asphalt failures. The first step was to isolate and remove any patches of failed asphalt. The repair team identified where these failures were and used sawcutters to cut around the failures for easy removal.
  • Extract failed asphalt and stabilize the base. Following sawcutting, the failed asphalt was extracted from the parking lot and hauled away. The base now exposed, the repair team was able to cement stabilize the base and improve its load bearing stability.
  • Tack all vertical edges. Prior to rolling out new asphalt, the inside edges of the exposed pavement layers were tack coated. Tack coat improves adhesion between existing pavement and the new asphalt, holding it together while under load.
  • Roll and compact new type-d asphalt hotmix. Finally, the installation team rolled 200 tons’ worth of new asphalt mix and compacted it to a depth of 2”.

The Gene’s Powersports job was sprawling in scope, but well within the American Paving team’s capabilities. That’s because the American Paving team has deep experience installing and repairing pavement in Houston – a city characterized by challenging weather and soil conditions for pavement installers. This experience can also be a valuable addition to your commercial development project, no matter its size or setting.

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