New Concrete Construction For The Chelesa Apartments

The Chelesa Apartments in the Museum District Needed New Concrete Pavement

The Chelsea apartments, located at the corner of Chelsea and Montrose, are in a busy part of the Museum District. Here, the apartments attract a great deal of vehicle and foot traffic, so high quality pavement is a must. That’s why the American Paving team was called in to install a variety of pavement structures for the new complex.

How the American Paving Team Provided the Chelsea Apartments with New Pavement

The Chelsea apartment project involved the following steps:

  • Installing concrete driveway approaches – The Chelsea apartments maintain an extensive interior parking garage, sitting adjacent to the building’s ground floor. This lot required three new approaches, their size totaling 2,850 square feet.
  • Installing concrete sidewalks – In addition to the above approaches, American Paving was also contracted to install 7,650 square feet worth of new concrete sidewalk. The sidewalk and approaches were poured to a depth of 4” and reinforced using #3 rebar. Redwood expansion joints and hand tool control joints were both installed, as well.
  • Installing concrete stairs with landings – A small concrete staircase was also required and included nine steps in all. The stairs included landings and 490 feet of linear beam were placed during the process.
  • Sealing all expansion joints – With the concrete pavement installed and expansion joints placed, the American Paving team then moved to seal them. In all, about 300 linear feet of joints were sealed during the project.

In addition to the above tasks, our team was also contracted to manage a few smaller jobs. This included extending the driveway approach for an exterior transfer, raising approach inlets, and pouring new concrete to account for them, and performing minor asphalt repairs to Chelsea near the building.

Some projects are challenging for their scope. Others are challenging for the number of smaller tasks to handle. For the Chelsea apartments project in the Museum District, a variety of concrete and pavement skills were required – skills that the American Paving team brings to every job.

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