Concrete Foundation and Parking Lot For Baytown Chamber

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce Needed a Concrete Foundation and Lot for Their Building

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce recently contracted for a new building, and American Paving was called in for a few projects. One included laying down a foundation for an addition to the building. Another project involved placing more than 16,000 square feet of concrete paving. Yet another project included shaping and finishing a retention pond started by a previous contractor. Together, these projects provided the chamber of commerce with improved functionality and a better looking property.

How American Paving Helped the Baytown Chamber with Their Concrete Construction

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce project was split into concrete foundation, concrete paving, and earth work projects. Installing the concrete foundation included the following:

  • Laying down about 7,000 square feet of 4.5” foundation slab. APC also installed 30 concrete piers (12” x 36” and 8’ deep) to support the foundation. More than 400 linear feet of exterior concrete beams and 392 feet of interior beams were also installed to support the foundation.
  • Installing a vapor barrier. A 10mm Stego vapor barrier was the choice for moisture protection. With a vapor barrier in place, the concrete is protected from water-caused deterioration.

Concrete pavement was also installed in the parking area. This process included the following:

  • Installing various depths of concrete pavement. 400 square feet of concrete was laid to a 7” depth, 9,250 square feet was laid to a 6” depth, and another 7,250 square feet was installed to a 5” depth.
  • Installing concrete curb. Specifically, 840 linear feet of 6” curb for the chamber was installed.
  • Installing rebar and redwood expansion joints. Both will help the new pavement resist damage due to thermal expansion and tension forces.

Finally, the Baytown Chamber of Commerce had part of a new retention pond installed, but it required completion. American Paving cut the existing soils that were not completed by the previous contractor and shaped the new pond according to the site plan.

The American Paving team regularly works with business owners, nonprofits, and governmental organizations with their concrete construction. This includes large-scale site preparation and foundation installation, the types of projects that require extensive resources and expertise to manage. Few pavement contractors are comfortable with projects at this scale and complexity, but the American Paving team has been doing it for decades.

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