Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Concrete Sidewalk Repair

If your sidewalk is cracking, spalling or heaving, here are the benefits of hiring a professional for concrete sidewalk repair:

  • Concrete contractors can identify what’s actually causing damage to your sidewalks – and fix the problem.
  • Reputable sidewalk contractors are familiar with local weather and flooding conditions.
  • The concrete professionals can guarantee quality materials and workmanship.
  • A professional sidewalk contractor will observe local safety and build regulations.
  • Reputable concrete services prioritize every detail, including cleanliness.

High quality repairs will extend the life – and ROI – of your pavement. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of hiring a professional for concrete sidewalk repair and how they can unlock additional value from your sidewalks:

1) A more accurate diagnosis for your sidewalk problems

Concrete damage may emerge for a variety of reasons. Thermal stresses, heavy rainfall and flooding, unstable subgrade conditions, poor installation materials or methods – these can all lead to cracks, spalls, aggregate loss and uneven pavement. It’s up to your concrete repair contractor to identify the exact cause behind any damage, as effective repairs rely on an accurate diagnosis.

Professional sidewalk repair teams have on-the-job experience and have seen it all before. This practical knowledge is essential for identifying the real reason behind sidewalk damage.

For example, large parts of Houston are built on unstable clay-rich soils – the kind of soils that expand and shrink with heavy rainfall events. If those soils aren’t stabilized prior to repairing or replacing the sidewalk, the problem will quickly re-emerge and force another round of repairs.

An experienced sidewalk contractor will realize this immediately and propose the right repair or replacement process. This is only one example, too. No matter what’s behind your pavement problems, a reputable crew will uncover them.

2) Familiarity with local weather patterns that leads to a better repair

Concrete offers near-universal durability, but it can be compromised if it isn’t installed with the weather forecast in mind. For instance, Houston’s heavy rainfalls can lead to severe property flooding and standing water will quickly compromise your concrete if it’s in disrepair. Excessive rainfall also worsens soil conditions and can cause the pavement base to shift around.

Expert sidewalk repair professionals can account for weather-related risks and take steps to protect the sidewalk from water intrusion. A professional sidewalk contractor, for example, may build out additional drainage around the pavement, add stabilizers to the soil or use a concrete mix that has waterproofing additives mixed in.

3) High quality repair materials and processes

Reputable concrete contractors bring decades of knowledge and expertise to every sidewalk repair project. They’ve got a deep project portfolio that they can point to that demonstrates their quality workmanship. They can offer references with confidence. They invest in quality materials and are familiar with various concrete additives and soil stabilizers. They maintain a deep equipment inventory and extensive manpower resources.

In short, professional sidewalk repair teams are invested in their materials, work teams and equipment. They’re not fly-by-night operations that won’t back up their work once the job is complete. Reputable concrete professionals do provide this peace of mind and are willing to guarantee their work quality.

Concrete is going to crack and wear with time, but an experienced concrete team will offer a realistic prognosis for any repairs and will stand behind that timeline.

4) A professional approach that observes local build regulations

Every municipality has its own set of safety and construction regulations. In Texas, sidewalk contractors don’t need to be licensed to perform repair work. However, any pavement project in the Houston area must be permitted before the project can continue. Professional Houston sidewalk repair companies will not ignore this step, even if it does add time and cost to the project.

If your job isn’t secured with the proper work permits, it could lead to expensive fines and delays – costing your organization money it doesn’t have to risk.

A reputable concrete sidewalk repair company will always pull the necessary permits for their client, and do so early on in the project so it doesn’t block any other part of the job.

5) Attention to detail - during and after sidewalk repair is complete

The difference between a rushed repair and a quality repair is attention. What’s causing the concrete to crack? Are the cracks spreading or are they dormant? Are there signs that corrosion is affecting the pavement? Does it look like the concrete was cured properly? Is there thick vegetation growing around the sidewalk? Has the sidewalk been jointed correctly?

A professional sidewalk repair team acts like a pavement detective when inspecting, repairing and replacing concrete. They pay attention to every detail that may influence the job’s success, such as the subgrade’s composition and the weather forecast.

This attention to detail extends to the project’s conclusion. Once the concrete is repaired and finished, a reputable sidewalk repair crew will leave the project site in pristine condition. If your property must maintain a tidy appearance, a reputable concrete contractor will ensure that tidiness.

The benefits of hiring a professional for concrete sidewalk repair: Quality work, reliability and professionalism

Concrete sidewalks boost a property’s value and utility – but they’re also a major investment. If your sidewalks are cracking, crumbling, shifting, fracturing or just wearing down, it’s worth protecting that investment by bringing in the professionals. With their experience, quality materials, expert processes and a focus on detail, a reputable pavement contractor will ensure your concrete sidewalks are a point of pride.