New Concrete Patio and Curb Repair

The Houston Gold Exchange on Westheimer Needed a New Concrete Patio and Some Curb Repairs

Halfway between the Belt and Highway 6, the Houston Gold Exchange location at Westheimer had an eyesore sitting next to its building. An unfinished dirt patch butting up against the building’s side needed some work, as it was a liability for curb appeal and for the building’s foundation.

The American Paving team was brought in to deal with the property’s unfinished area, with a new concrete patio and some curb repairs.

How the American Paving Team Helped Houston Gold Exchange with Their Pavement Problems

Compared to most APC projects, the Houston Gold Exchange job was small in scope and consisted of the following:

  • Tying in #3 rebar and installing dowels into existing pavement – rebar reinforcement ensures optimal pavement durability. The dowels provided additional support to the new patio and essentially unify the old and new pavement into a single piece of concrete construction.
  • Pouring the concrete patio. The chosen concrete was a 5000psi mix and was poured to a depth of 4”. Overall, the pouring area was small at 220 square feet.
  • Applying a light broom finish, which is a standard finish for high foot traffic areas. By passing a broom over the new concrete’s surface, the pavement team textures it and improves wet traction.
  • Sawcutting control joints. Sawcutters are excellent precision joint cutting tools. By placing control joints, the new patio is less likely to develop surface-level cracking, as the control joints confine the cracks to beneath the joints.

In addition to Houston Gold Exchange’s new concrete patio, the American Paving team also performed spot repairs for the adjoining curb. This was done by applying a new cement patch to the damaged area.

For the American Paving team, the Houston Gold Exchange patio project was modest in scale. As such, it only took a few days to complete the repair and new patio installation. Traffic disruption through the area was minimal, and in 72 hours, the property’s appearance was vastly improved.

If your organization also has undeveloped spots or failing areas of pavement, the American Paving team can provide the same time-efficient, quality work for your property.

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