Asphalt Repair For Parking Lot

7710 Romea Needed Spot Treatment for its Asphalt Parking Lot

Inside the northeastern part of the 610 Loop, a commercial property at 7710 Romea needed some extensive parking lot work. Its asphalt parking area had several base failures, permitting water to intrude into the pavement and accelerate the damage. These issues were present right up to the perimeter of the building, which put its foundation at risk.

The American Paving team was brought in to address the pavement damage and restore the parking lot.

How American Paving Repaired the Pavement Issues at 7710 Romea

The 7710 Romea project was two jobs in one. The first part involved placing fresh asphalt in various spots around the building to protect its foundation. The second part involved cutting and patching a pair of base failures.

Two areas – one 2,884 square feet and the other 976 square feet in area – were targeted for new asphalt close to the building.

At the first area, our team did the following:

  • Cleared the project site by removing vegetation.
  • Compacted the existing rock to provide a stable base for the new asphalt.
  • Rolled out and compacted new asphalt to a depth of 3”.

The second area needed repairs to the existing pavement and an overlay. Our team did the following:

  • Isolated all asphalt failures with sawcutters. Removed all debris left behind as part of the process.
  • Cement stabilized and compacted the existing base. This was done using a 6-percent cement mix placed at a depth of 6 inches.
  • Tacked all vertical surfaces to ensure adhesion between the pavement and the new asphalt.
  • Machine-installed and compacted type-D hotmix to a depth of 2 inches.

The second part of the project concerned two areas of pavement failure, both addressed using asphalt patching. In all, the patches were 1,285 square feet in size and involved the following:

  • Isolating base failure with sawcutters and removing debris.
  • Cement stabilizing and compacting the existing base using a 6-percent cement mix. This was done to a depth of 6 inches.
  • Tacking all vertical surfaces to boost adhesion.
  • Machine-laying new type-D hotmix to a depth of 2 inches.

When an asphalt parking lot shows signs of damage with depressions, warping, large cracks or potholes, it’s time to bring in the experts. These signs may be minor at first, but they will worsen with time. If not corrected soon enough, you may be facing an expensive replacement job.

With prompt inspection and repair services, your pavement’s condition can be preserved for many years.

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